Essential Luxury
Timeless Elegance


To celebrate the uniqueness of every owner by creating boats of unparalleled quality,
distinctive design and cutting-edge technology, which reflect the personality of clients
and their relationship with the sea.



Modern, state-of-the-art technologies and processes
turn craftsmanship and experience into operational flexibility and rapidity of response.
Cutting edge materials and equipment
guarantee reliability, above-average performance
and a hitherto unparalleled yachting experience.


To create an idea that’s unique and exclusive, just like our clients.
Feeding creativity through continual research into aesthetics and functionality in order to best interpret each owner’s specific requirements and come up with new, long-lasting solutions.


Every detail, whether technical or aesthetic, deserves the utmost care and attention.
This is the only way we know to ensure functional design and impeccable finish.


Design and production is 100% Made in Italy.
A unique combination of entrepreneurial drive and style.
To achieve a design whose quality is greater than the sum of its excellent parts.

You don’t own a yacht, you live it, quite simply. One moment at a time.
This is the shipyard’s view as it undertakes every new design challenge.


Even before production begins, each individual boat takes shape in the head and the heart of her owner.


That’s why at I.C.Yacht, every stage of the boat’s design and development takes place in a real nautical atelier, and is based solely and exclusively on the requests of the owner, according to his or her style, requirements and philosophy of sailing. Day cruisers, tenders, short journeys, day trips, sport & entertainment. A highly qualified team of designers, architects and engineers is at the client’s disposal to develop and suggest the most suitable structures, equipment, finishes and details, in close harmony with the various technical, functional and aesthetic considerations.


Every individual detail, be it technical or aesthetic, is then executed with the utmost care and attention. Boards in teak and other exquisite woods, hand-finished individually. Custom-made steel, shaped and moulded on every hull. Exclusive fabrics and furnishings, selected one by one. High-performance fiberglass, treated with the latest technologies. This is the only way we know to guarantee functional design and impeccable finish, to reflect every owner’s taste, style and personality.


True luxury is making time for yourself and the people you love.


You don’t own a yacht, you live it, quite simply. One moment at a time.


An approach to design which is firmly committed on the one hand to pushing the boundaries of a formal pursuit of stylistic virtuousness as idealistic as it is incapable of delivering effective concrete solutions, and on the other, to the determination to explore beyond mere functionality and capture the myriads of nuances, re-writing shape, volume and solutions with maximum intelligence and in step with the emotions and expectations of the person who will experience the boat.


In this way the deep-rooted impressions of the senses encounter function, ergonomics and efficiency and come together in a unique and harmonious balance, constantly and determinedly sought by I.C.Yacht as a mark of style, elegance and intelligent design.

Intelligent design and perfectly balanced function and aesthetics.

I.C.Yacht is an Italian firm specializing in the design and production of entirely custom-built tenders and motor boats from 23 to 60 feet.

Overlooking Franciacorta and Iseo Lake in the heart of northern Italy, where shipbuilding boasts has a tradition dating back over a century, I.C.Yacht was born from the pioneering insight of a group of entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience behind them in Italian industry and yachting. They shared a single ambition: to celebrate the uniqueness of every owner by creating boats of unparalleled quality, distinctive design and cutting-edge technology, which reflect the personality of clients and their relationship with the sea.

Skilled craftsmanship meets industrial expertise, essential today to create extraordinary, unique boats which are the result of a rigorous and meticulous design process and masterfully constructed and finished, which can last through the years and immediately give rise to intense emotion, in perfect accord with each owner’s expectations.

The latest production processes and technologies allow the shipyard to respond with maximum flexibility and promptness to requests from owners, designers, architects and builders, creating true custom-made treasures.

All the hulls, made in sandwiched fiberglass, carbon and kevlar, are laminated using the vacuum infusion technique to ensure toughness and lightness, optimize performance and fuel use, and facilitate storage and installation on board a mega-yacht if used as tenders.

The on-board equipment, from instruments to automation, is entrusted to partners of proven quality and reliability in order to guarantee excellent performances and an unforgettable sailing experiences.

Finishes and outfitting, which can also be customized to individual clients’ requirements, are the purest expression of the Made in Italy approach, produced using the highest quality materials by skilled craftsmen whose know-how and experience is unique in the sector.

Modern lines, immediately beguiling and seductive on one level, provide ergonomic comfort on the move and spacious accommodation on another. Opposites not only attract, they blend indissolubly to create a new and compelling harmony.

Technology & Glamour, the perfect balance between aesthetics and functional performance, is the shipyard’s primary quest in every boat it builds.